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Emerging photographers

Empower emerging photographers

Backbone Art’s mission is to bring to light emerging photographers by featuring, printing and framing their work.

A commitment to back the finest photographers

Backbone Art is designed for photography lovers seeking to start or add to an existing art collection by endorsing arising artists.

Spotting Artists

Backbone is committed to finding the most talented photographers. Every week, a new artist is featured offering you the opportunity to take part in the discovery of new talent.

ONE week. ONE artist.
Limited editions only.

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The product

Photography is an art of details. Exceptional quality is a must.

For both our artworks and services. Each photograph and frame is selected with the artist and produced in our partners’ laboratories in Europe. We work with the most experienced and qualified partners. They have a long history of working with companies, galleries and photographers from around the world. Compared to most printed photos, our process uses fine art paper from Fujicolor (certified colour-fastness for 75 years). The wood we use for our frames comes from German forests to guarantee the quality and to ensure the environment doesn’t suffer in the name of our art. The prints are delivered ready to hang and with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


We are a collective passionate about photography and animated by the conviction that every artist should be able to make a living from his or her talent.

Discussing with friends and people from the creative world, they all echoed a similar sentiment: many are discouraged by the difficulty to stand out in a content-saturated world and to translate their art into a sustainable business. They voiced the need for a service which provides support throughout the process, from printing and framing to marketing and customer’s service. Backbone Art was precisely designed to respond to such a need. This online platform is the first step of a long road and we are excited to work alongside up and coming photographers to help them focus on what they do best; capture the perfect shot.